Welcome to YuklaSwap - Yield Farming Optimizer & AMM Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain with a lot of utility, NFT, and gaming platform.


YuklaSwap is the place in DeFI space where our users can earn high income while providing liquidity to our DEX / staking crypto-assets in our pools / participating in our geyser pools / playing 3D games on our gaming platform / earning special crafted NFTs.
At YuklaSwap we believe in big future organic growth of Binance Smart Chain and other chains like Polygon or Solana. This is why our main goal is to provide our users all the benefits from this growth by expanding our pools, partnerships and integrating community-decided chains in our ecosystem.
To those who are bored, while getting passive income in our pools and farms, we will bring a bunch of games, where the users skill will define the winner and not luck, like in lottery games. The first game will be a Unity 3D first-person shooter, like Fortnite, where users will have to differ other players from NPCs to win. Successful players will gain special crafted NFTs and collected game fees.

YuklaFeatures and future

💱 Swap in our own DEX
Instantly swap tokens. Enjoy the highest liquidity trades with the lowest fees.
Earn trading rewards (with our second native token) payed to traders for swapping the tokens.
No KYC or other limitations! Trade tokens that are not listed in other exchanges just by importing its contract address. Try get income from arbitrage trading in price differences from CEX and DEX.
🧑‍🌾 Reliable & sustainable yields
Provide liquidity to our DEX --> get Yukla-LP tokens --> enjoy passive income from trading fees or stake your liquidity provider tokens in our farms to gain even more $YUKLA (YuklaSwap's native token).

⛓ Borrow money with our unique on-chain borrowing mechanics

Tokens earned as a trading bonus can be pledged to borrow other even risky tokens and then start farming on them with very high APR without any risks of loss. This is because you will be able to change your funds back from the price you borrowed it. So if the price of borrowed tokens goes down you will not lose anything. And vice-versa if the price of our native second token goes down which is pledged you just may not change it back, and sell borrowed tokens on exchange. These pools are formed from tokens' own emission and our treasury wallets. Unused tokens will be automatically burned to control the emission of token. There also will be the limits on frequency and amount of funds each user can borrow. Users will be able voting for projects and tokens to be added to these pools. Just start swapping tokens on our decentralized exchange to start earning trading fees.
This is our own original and unique mechanics.
💰 Earn tokens in our hybrid pools
If you are scared from impermanent loss or just want to stake a single asset token to get more $YUKLA tokens you can use our v1-pools. Or stake in our v2-pools to get our partners tokens.
🕹 Play and earn in our gaming platform
Once we will launch our games you will be able to compete with other players in awesome gaming reality to gain more bucks and have fun!
🖼 Buy and sell digital arts in our NFT marketplace
Check our roadmap and don't miss launch of our NFT marketplace where users can buy and hold digital arts to sell them with income or just to own.
💲 Enjoy the geysers
Soon we will launch pools with same mechanics as geyser pools to encourage you with even more utility of holding $YUKLA tokens.
Security Audit by TechRate is done!


Transfer more than 0.5% of the total supply will be rejected. As the total supply grows, this ratio will be reduced.

🔹Harvest lockup

Harvest lockup is a creative farming rewards lockup mechanism. This mechanism can help us limit the frequency of harvest to prevent farming arbitrage bots from constantly harvesting and dump.

🔹Automatic liquidity

1% from all deposit fees is used to buyback & burn and also to fill a $YUKLA liquidity pools.


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